Chris Scott is an All-American boy from small town USA, Barnhart, Missouri, just south of St. Louis. Influenced by his dad who played in a band and recorded in his home studio, Chris found his love for music early on. As a kid, he was eager to learn the guitar and in high school he discovered a passion for writing songs as well. At college parties, he would have live shows out of the back of his pick-up. The feeling he got performing for his friends only fueled his desire to play his music in front of a crowd. Given some unique opportunities to debut his new single ?Midnight in Summertime? Chris was approached by Kevlar Soul Records owner and producer Ian Eddy to join forces in pursuing the dream Chris has always had to make music and play for his fans.  Combining his ambition and talent with a skilled entourage of industry professionals, Chris is on the way to leaving his mark on country music.